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How-to Guides & Forms


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You can bank many different ways at EKC. The "How to" documents listed describe the various methods and provide detailed instructions. All files are PDF format.

1. Summary of Services

How to use MemberDirect, ATM, MEMBERLINK phone banking and the Mobile App (PDF 718 KB)

2. Safe and Easy Online Banking

EKC’s alternatives to branch service include banking on your computer, mobile device and your home phone. You have the freedom to bank whenever and where ever you choose — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can pay bills, transfer funds or just watch how your savings have grown! (PDF 749 KB)

3. Pay Your Bills

The benefits of paying your bills with your computer or phone from the comfort of your own home. (PDF 736 KB)

4. What You Can do at The ATM

ATM banking is available 24/7 (PDF 292 KB)

5. Direct Deposit and Canada Revenue Agency Direct Deposit

Direct deposit your payroll or government cheques! Get your money sooner when it is deposited directly into your EKC account. The most convenient way to deposit your pay or pension to your EKC account with no special trips to pick up and deposit cheques, and no holds on your funds. (PDF 526 KB)

6. Deposit Anywhere

Deposit Anywhere allows you to quickly and securely deposit cheques using your smartphone or tablet. That means no more lining up at EKC or our ATM to deposit your cheques. (PDF 605 KB)

7. MEMBER CARD (ATM/Debit Card)

EKC’s ATM MEMBER CARD (ATM/debit card) is safe and convenient. In addition to using as a payment option, at a full-service ATM you can deposit, withdraw cash, pay bills and more! (PDF 725 KB)

8. Send and Receive Money

Send and receive money quickly, conveniently, and safely using your mobile phone or computer with Interac® e-Transfers. (PDF 605 KB)

9. Mobile Banking

EKC Mobile APP is a free app available for the iPhone, iPad and Android. Easy and secure access to your everyday banking needs. (PDF 437 KB)

10. Banking Alerts

MemberDirect Alerts are an optional extra layer of security for our members using online banking.(PDF 404 KB)

11. MEMBERLINK Telephone Banking

Using your telephone, you can access account balances, transfer funds between accounts, pay bills and search for a specific transaction. (PDF 631 KB)

12. Proactive Tips

Steps to maintain your financial health and peace of mind. (PDF 243 KB)

Budgeting Basics: The Workbook (PDF 1 MB)