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​A person's financial journey is a lifelong pursuit; we're with our members throughout that journey, and we will support them to be successful.
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Understand more about credit and how to use it wisely.


Planning is the key to a promising financial future, from budgeting basics to saving for your first mortgage and comfortable retirement.
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Easy tips on how to spend smarter and manage your credit cards.

Saving & Investing

Learn more about what it takes to be a disciplined saver and what investments are best for you.
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Business Advice

Owning a business comes with challenges. Learn more about how EKC can help.

Protecting Yourself & Your Money

Avoiding scams and fraud is an ongoing challenge. Learn about popular scams and what you can do to protect yourself.
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StellerVista, Credit Unions & Co-ops

Why is banking better at StellerVista. Learn about the credit union advantage and Cooperative values.

How-to Guides & Forms

Learn more about ways to bank, how-to guides and access forms for easier banking.
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Featured Articles

​Building a Budget

​Keep your spending in check with these helpful tips. 

Compound Interest 101

​Learn how compound interest helps maximize your money. 

​Writing a Business Plan

​Learn how to create your roadmap to business success. 


​Financial planning calculators

​Try our handy calculators to help simplify planning for your future goals, be that buying a home, saving for retirement or more.