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​Lines of Credit

If you’re looking to cover education expenses, start a home renovation or set up a safety net for unexpected expenses, we have a line of credit designed to help you. 


​What type of line of credit do you need?


MemberLine Line of Credit and Home Equity Line of Credit


MemberLine lines of credit are designed especially for your needs, offering convenience and flexibility – like having a pre-approved loan whenever you need it! Access funds in-branch, by phone, online, by cheque or MEMBER CARD® Debit Card.

Key Features
  • No monthly fee
  • Variable interest rate based on prime 
  • 10 basic* or electronic** transactions included
  • Interest only payment and preferred rate when using your home equity as security

iPlan Student Line of Credit


A student line of credit (LOC) designed for you. It allows you access to your money and the flexibility to take out and pay back portions of your LOC whenever you want. 

Attention all students — we strongly advise that you first check out options for federal and provincial student loans. 

Key Features
  • No monthly fee
  • Interest rate at StellerVista Prime 
  • Interest-only payments for the entire time you’re in school or trade time – maximum 5 years
  • 6-month grace period after graduation before you are required to repay with a term loan
  • Maximum amortization time of 7 years
  • Maximum loan amount is $5,000 a semester, overall maximum is $40,000
  • Co-signer may be required
  • No age limitation
  • Cheque images returned

Overdraft Protection


Our Overdraft Protection (ODP) is a convenient way to get the extra money you need, when you need it. Whether you want to go away for the weekend or you need a little extra cash this month, it's good to know you can count on your Credit Union!

Key Features
  • borrow up to $5,000
  • only pay interest on the money you borrow
  • offers a much lower interest rate than a typical credit card

* Basic transactions include: withdrawals, cheques, transfers
​** Electronic transactions include: StellerVista ATM, OTHER Canadian C.U. ATMs, Direct payment (POS), auto debits, transfers (ATM and MemberDirect)

​​Need help?

Our team will be happy to help you find if a line of credit is right for  you. 

Feel free to contact our Member Solutions Centre (MSC) for support.

Call: 1.866.960.6666


​​Need to borrow a one-time, lump-sum?

​​You’re looking for a loan! You can use them for almost any purpose, from buying a vehicle to consolidating debt. 


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