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With money as a tool, our accounts will help you use it.

Fuel for the region's economic engines.

There are two characteristics required to own a business in the Kootenay / Boundary area: Courage and the ability to adapt on the fly. Everything else is fuel including your expertise or imagination and money. StellerVista is a local financial institution that understands those local truths. You bring the expertise and character, we’ll bring the knowledge and experience you need to drive and adapt your business in a financial successful way. In the grand scheme of big banks, we're more like you - a comparatively small business (with hundreds of millions of dollars to back us up). We make decisions here based on the local business conditions here. We know small business owners will face ups and downs, and we're here to guide you regardless of the challenge or opportunity. You be the engine. We'll provide the fuel.

We invest in the same communities you do.

Our purpose is far beyond banking. Investing profits into community programs and projects is just as important as enabling financial access to the groups on the ground making it happen.What we offer is partnership. While you’ll definitely see us out in the community, we know it’s you and your teams lifting the load in this community, and our goal is to support the effort of those improving life across the Kootenay / Boundary area. While the chances are good that we've already met or partnered, they are even better that we have the same objectives in mind. So it makes sense that we also support local non-profits by o ering tailored banking services with reduced fees to help your organization achieve its goals. We help your team save, invest and thrive over time. Talk to StellerVista about our Service Plus Non-Profit Account and other ways in which we can support the good work your team does.
* Business transactions include: cheques, in-branch withdrawals/transfers, Point of Sale debits, StellerVista and other Canadian Credit Union ATM withdrawals, e-Transfers, deposits in-branch/mail/night deposit, online/telephone/mobile banking transactions, pre-authorized withdrawals.
** Electronic transactions include: StellerVista ATM, OTHER Canadian C.U. ATMs, Direct payment (POS), auto debits, transfers (ATM and online banking).

Make it here. Keep it here. Grow it here.

StellerVista Credit Union exists to help everyone in the Kootenay / Boundary area make more out of the money they earn. When you keep it local we can help you grow it, and help to ensure that you get to live the life you want. While the financial decisions we make that impact you, your family and your business are all locally made – the choice is all yours. The big banks may try to be here, but StellerVista actually lives here, just like you and your business.

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