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​Invest for business success

You work hard for your business. Now, let your business work hard for you with our range of saving and investing options. 

Community Bond


​Mutual Funds*

​Accumulator Savings


Spring Savings Rates

  12 Month 
Cashable after 90 days with no penalty  
12 Month 
Auto renews into a 1 year term at maturity 
24 Month 
Auto renews into a 2 year term at maturity 
60 Month 
20% of original balance redeemable on anniversary with no penalty 
  Redeemable Non-Redeemable Non-Redeemable Non-Redeemable
$500 3.20% 4.55% 4.25% 4.15%
$25,000 3.35% 4.65% 4.35% 4.25%
$100,000 3.50% 4.65% 4.35% 4.25%

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*Please note that all rates and promotional offers are subject to change without prior notice. Our credit union reserves the right to modify or end any rates and promotions at any time based on market conditions or other factors. We encourage our members to check our website regularly or contact us directly for the most current rate information.

Looking to Invest Longer-term?


​I want expert guidance 

Let our experts help you plan for business success.

​I want to self-manage investments 

Do your own investing for your business goals. 

​I want to automate investing 

Set your investing on professional autopilot.


​Borrow for your next big business goal

​Whether you want to buy new equipment, expand your operations, or simply cover unexpected expenses, we offer the flexible financing your business needs to succeed. 


Helpful resources

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Debit vs credit – how to maximize the benefits of both.


Foiling identity theft ​
​Learn strategies to protect your sensitive information online.


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​Get helpful tips, free resources and more!
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*Mutual funds are offered through Qtrade Asset Management (a tradename of Credential Asset Management Inc). Mutual funds and other securities are offered through Qtrade Advisor, a division of Credential Qtrade Securities Inc.