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​Borrowing built for your goals

Save your money NOW – and in the future – with loans, lines of credit, and mortgages customized for your needs.

​Lending calculators

​See how much you can afford to borrow and what your projected repayment schedule could look like. 

​Need help?

​Ask our friendly, knowledgeable staff. They'll be happy to help you find the right solution for your borrowing needs.


RRSP Loans

​If you have unused RRSP contribution room from previous years or you need to borrow a lump sum for just this year's contribution, an RRSP loan can help you catch up and take advantage of the tax savings and investment growth opportunities of an RRSP.

​Why CreditMaster®?

​Local Decisions. Local Approvals. Local Money. 

All of our personal mortgages are available with our CreditMaster feature — a product designed by members to save you money NOW and in the future!  

  • Capitalize on the equity growth in your home, while avoiding future legal costs, and receive preferred pricing on future borrowing.

  • An unlimited number of loans with the flexibility of choosing your term length, open or closed, fixed or variable.

  • One-time registration and legal fees will save you time and money


Helpful Resources

Guaranteed Deposit Protection ​
The safest way to save money and earn a return, thanks to CUIDC insurance.


​Understanding Investments ​
​Explore the different investment solutions you can use.


Saving for Retirement
​Learn the good money habits that help you retire stress free.


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​Get helpful tips, free resources and more!
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