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Supporting Outdoor Learning

We've donated $8,000 to Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network (CBEEN) to help teachers take learning outside. 

Your Local Commercial Team

  • Local Expertise for Local Businesses.
  • Local Decision Making for Flexible Solutions
  • Operating in a number of Kootenay / Boundary communities, we understand both the opportunities and challenges our unique economic positions.

Spring Saving Specials

Balance 12 Month Redeemable 12 Month Non-Redeemable 24 Month Non-Redeemable 60 Month Non-Redeemable
$500 2.55% 4.30% 4.15% 4.00%
$25,000 2.60% 4.35% 4.20% 4.05%
$100,000 2.65% 4.40% 4.25% 4.05%
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​Together through every stage of business growth

There is no single solution, and we actively work to discover your unique needs. Building a tailored package of financial products to help you reach your goals.