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StellerVista Credit Union

​StellerVista Credit Union 

Since 1950, StellerVista has helped our communities grow by understanding the local economy and our members’ unique passion for the mountain lifestyle. A full-service financial institution, with a financial planning and insurance division, we’re committed to making the communities we serve an even better place to live.

This commitment goes beyond the volunteer efforts of staff and the worthwhile endeavors we support in our communities. In fact, we take pride in demonstrating to our members that the same kind of caring and dedication that goes into what we do in the community also takes place at the branch level and is at the very heart of our relationship with the members we serve.

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​Meet our partners

We're partners with Kootenay Insurance Services, Growth Financial, and StellerVista MoneyWorks to extend our services and help secure your financial prosperity. 


Helpful Resources

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