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Mutual Funds

Clear and helpful mutual fund* advice, delivered by our experienced, Qtrade Asset Management, investment specialist. 

Mutual Funds* - A proven way you can save for your future.

No matter if you have been saving your money for years, or you are looking to make your first investment in yourself – a Mutual Fund might be the next best step. Our Mutual Fund specialist is also a specialist in all things saving and can help you make an informed decision on setting your goals, then getting them.

Ownership in a mutual fund is like ownership of stocks, bonds, money market funds, and much more. The point of this is diversification, so you can invest without tying your return to any single stock or interest rate. That said, there is a vast array of mutual funds to choose from, each with their own objectives, allowing you to invest as per your own goals and your own risk appetite.

If Mutual Fund investment is in your future, or even if you are just curious to learn more, we encourage you to book a time today. We have the tools and knowledge to get you the information you need.

What is a mutual fund?

A Mutual Fund is an investment product that allows you to invest your money in a focused, yet diversified way. The Mutual Fund is a pool of assets, professionally managed, generally consisting of stocks, bonds, and other securities – which are collectively known as the fund’s “portfolio”. As a personal investor, you can own a share of the mutual fund, thereby investing in the portfolio of that fund.

Michael Rusko
A few words from

Michael Rusko: StellerVista Mutual Fund Investment Specialist

I have always loved the satisfaction of being able to help someone identify goals, solve problems and develop strategies and plans to accomplish these, which is the biggest part of what I do here.
Starting out as a young adult in life I did not receive a good education regarding some of the most basic Financial Principals in life (or maybe I forgot to listen), nor did I have any financial support, so at 18 I was really on my own and had to learn how to make things work. I was always self-motivated, a lover of learning and driven towards success in all my endeavors. I read many books on setting goals, planning and communication and have used these skills in several Capacities. I have managed large furniture stores, attained a paralegal diploma, started a successful Handyman business catering to over 1200 personal and commercial accounts, developed youth programs, owned rental properties and managed to set myself up for a secure retirement. So overall I find there is not a day that goes by that I won’t be relying on past experience to help find solutions and pathways forward with each unique member I serve.
I would have to go with famous words from Winston Churchill here, “He who fails to plan, is planning to fail”. It really doesn’t matter what area of life we are talking about, having a plan is going to increase the odds of attaining all that you are after.
From me as their representative personally they can expect to walk away feeling heard and understood as an individual. With that comes confidentiality, accountability, full disclosure, and access to me directly. The process we will work through starts with a short conversation where I learn a little more about your objectives and answer any questions I can at that time. If we feel like there is a good fit and would like to explore what investments will be suitable we will then set up a Discovery meeting where we can really start build a relationship and portfolio that last well past retirement. In discovery I will give out some homework for you to collect for the meeting. You will get an email with some questions to answer and what statements will be needed that can be sent in by email or brought to an appointment. At the Discovery meeting I will create a cash flow statement, net worth statement and start developing a retirement plan. This will allow us to see where you want to be, where you are now, and will reveal what efforts need to be made to assist in accomplishing your desired income in retirement. After that meeting I will spend some time exploring options for you and put together my best recommendations. Once I have accomplished that we will meet again to review and implement a plan for your future. Once everything is set up you can expect a yearly review of the plan we implemented and you will have direct access to me if any changes need to be made throughout the year.
Personalized Service – Professional Management – Low Fees – Registered Accounts – Responsible Investing

*Mutual funds are offered through Qtrade Asset Management (a tradename of Credential Asset Management Inc). Unless otherwise stated, mutual fund securities and cash balances are not covered by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation or by any other government deposit insurer that insures deposits in credit unions.

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