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We’ve built this newsletter as a window into some of the important things going on at your credit union. This will be updated and sent out quarterly, and we’ll even try to keep a few printed copies on hand in the branches, just in case ;) Be sure to subscribe below to get this information dropped right to your email inbox.

If there is any topic you’d like covered in an upcoming newsletter, let us know by emailing – with the subject line “Newsletter”.

Newsletter #2 - Spring 2024

Steller Times Ahead!

Our StellerStarts and StellerStudents Community Investment programs are officially open for 2024 applications. This marks the second year for both of these programs, both built to improve quality of life in the places we live.

StellerStarts is a grant program built to help support smaller local initiatives – the real grassroots stuff. The grants offered are between $100 and $500, and the program has been built to make funding more accessible. Over the years, we have been lucky to make many partnerships with many local organizations and have been able to support countless great initiatives. That said, we know grant applications can be intimidating and time consuming, and that the uncertainty involved can prevent new applicants from applying. Therefore, we hope the simple application process for this grant helps to bring forward any and all new potential community partners!

Learn more about StellerStarts at:

is our Community Investment commitment to local students. For our West branches, all StellerStudent awards are managed by the school districts – this includes Castlegar, Slocan Park and the West Boundary. For our East branches, the StellerStudents award program is managed by our credit union. This includes Cranbrook, Fernie, Sparwood, and Elkford. Students in these communities, of all types, are welcome to apply for a StellerStudent award between April 1 and May 31. There are no age restrictions or program requirements. Our goal is to open up post-secondary funding options, to ensure that any and every potential education avenue is eligible. Last year we funded education programs for welding, pilot licencing, pre-med – and a whole lot in-between.

Learn more about StellerStudents at:


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Kidding – and technically, you shouldn’t be reading this, because whenever you see a title like that online… it’s likely a scam! Scams can be hard to keep up with in this modern era, as they are constantly evolving and changing. So, in recognition that March has been dubbed “Fraud Awareness Month” in our world, StellerVista has launched an educational resource on our website dedicated to fraud prevention and staying safe online. Understanding that knowledge is the best defense against fraud, the page is designed to provide information about some of the modern (potentially compromising) situations that you might face online.

Right now, you can learn tips about shopping on things like “Facebook Marketplace”, how our real-time banking alerts system can work for you, what the risks are with public Wi-Fi… and much more.

Learn More @

New Mobile App and Online Banking Platform

April heralds an exciting development in our digital banking journey with the launch of a refreshed app and online banking interface – which you may hear us refer to as “Forge” (this is the technical name of the platform). Our investment in Forge is an investment in the future. The changes you see in April should be purely visual – meaning that things might look different but will work the same. The function is not changing, just the look. However, the backend of Forge, is what is important here, as we will be able to soon invest better in new and emerging technologies.

With this new platform, we will be able to better integrate our banking system with the new apps and tools that our members have been asking for. The process of digital banking expansion is certainly a journey – with Forge being one very positive step forward for us.

Keep your eyes tuned to our website and online banking pages for more information. 

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Open House Meetings and the AGM

Our upcoming Open Houses and AGM are cornerstone events for member engagement. Each serving different purposes, both forums are great opportunities for engaged members to participate in learning about their credit union, and to provide input on the future of StellerVsita.

The main purpose of our Open House meetings is to host a more informal session, one with open dialogue between members and credit union management. We have done these in the past and know how great of an atmosphere they can be. At our April Open House meetings, we expect to discuss the recent merger, our future vision, and whatever else members feel we should discuss. These meetings will be held in Cranbrook (Apr 22), Castlegar (Apr 23), Greenwood (Apr 24), and Fernie (Apr 29) – and you can learn more about them here All meetings will take place in-branch, at 5pm local time.  

The AGM, to be held May 1st, in Castlegar and virtually, will provide a more formal and comprehensive review of 2023, report style, from the Board and leadership team of StellerVista. While there is still room for discussion and conversation at the AG M – this meeting is more structured and carries a focused outcome. RSVP for the AGM is required and can be done here