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​Commercial Lending

​Whether you're planning to update aging equipment, expand your facilities or even start a new venture, we can help your business access the capital it needs to grow.


Commercial Mortgage


Thinking of purchasing an income-producing or commercial property? We offer commercial mortgages on multi-family housing, industrial and commercial/retail buildings.

  • Amortizations of up to 25 years
  • Variable-rate or fixed-rate terms available, up to 10 years
  • Financing based on cash flow and value of the property

Commercial Construction Mortgage


Whether you're dreaming of building the perfect premises for your business, or have your sights set on a larger project like an office complex, a warehouse or a shopping centre, we can help you bring your project to life with a construction mortgage.

  • Phased advancement (i.e. loan is advanced at different stages of construction)
  • Short-term, interim construction financing available for multi-family residential projects like condominiums and apartments
  • Competitive rates
  • Fast loan approvals
  • Expert advice

Business CreditMaster® Mortgage

  • Choose a variable rate, fixed rate, or combine both
  • Re-advanceable so that you can borrow against the equity in your property
  • Excellent prepayment options – prepay up to 20% annually
  • No extra legal costs if you want to use the equity in your property for future purchases with the benefit of preferred pricing
Great For
  • Members who want a flexible mortgage
  • Members who don’t want to pay additional legal fees for future borrowing
  • Members who have acquired more than 80% of the property’s value in equity
  • Members who want endless options. Use the equity for anything you may need; renovations, business expansion, new equipment.

Land-Only Mortgage


Your dream home starts with the perfect plot of land. We will lend up to 75% of the land price and requires that you begin construction within 1 year. This land loan can then be converted to your construction mortgage to save you the additional payment.

Great For
  • Members who plan to build a home on the land within a short time
  • Members who are purchasing land that is serviceable and accessible by road

Business Term Loan


Whether your business needs a new building, new equipment, a new vehicle, or a total makeover, our business term loan can help you bridge the gap.

Key Features
  • Terms of 1-5 years
  • Fixed or variable interest rates
  • Flexible repayment terms

Canada Small Business Financing Program


In partnership with the federal government, we help finance purchases or improvements that help your business succeed. 

Visit the Government of Canada website for more information. 



Great For
  • Purchasing or improving land and buildings used for commercial purposes
  • Purchasing new or existing renovations to premises occupied by the business as a tenant
  • Purchasing or improving new or used equipment (including commercial vehicles)

Business Line of Credit


Our Business Line of Credit gives you ready access to the funds you need, as you need them, stabilizing your cash flow, boosting your purchasing power, and giving you added peace of mind that you can cover any unexpected expenses that come up. 

  • Easy access to funds – in-branch, online, by phone or cheque
  • Lower interest rate than most credit cards
  • Interest only charged on the portion of funds used, for the number of days it was owing

Letter of Credit


Need to build trust with a new supplier? Our letters of credit help you establish a solid relationship with new partners when you don't have a history with them.

Options include: 

  • Clean, Documentary, and Restricted Credit
  •  Irrevocable Credit
  •  Revocable Credit
  •  Revolving Credit
  •  Open Form
  • Transferable
Letters of Credit can:
  • Help you maintain liquidity by not forcing you to make upfront payments
  • Enable you to work with vendors who might not do business with you otherwise
  • Conserve cash flow and working capital by eliminating the need to make advanced payments or deposits
  • Demonstrate your credit-worthiness and giving you greater access to key suppliers



In partnership with Concentra, we help you lease the equipment you need without the high cost of ownership. 

Benefits to Leasing
  • Cash flow advantage - leasing provide higher percentage financing (up to 100%) and lower payment due to end of term residual value
  • Off balance sheet lending that does not interfere with established credit
  • Taxes are not paid in advance, they are paid on each payment during the term of the lease
  • Access to the latest equipment and technology which enhances productivity
  • Possible tax savings - contact your professional accountant to discuss

​See how much your business can afford to borrow and what the projected repayment schedule looks like. 

​Ask our friendly, knowledgeable staff. They'll be happy to help you find the right borrowing solution for your business.


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