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Community Investment

Giving like we live here. Circa 1950.

While we are constantly looking for creative ways to support our communities, in terms of financial support, there are three main ways we issue funding:

  • Branch Donations: Every branch of StellerVista has their own budget work with, and can recommend various projects for funding. The goal here is keep those with local knowhow leading the charge within our branches. If you don't know where to start, speaking with someone in your local branch is a great first step.
  • StellerStarts: Every year we will be running "StellerStarts" - a program focused on providing smaller grants to communities and groups that are helping bring local events, projects, and other special items to life. Applications for "StellerStarts" are open April - May.
  • StellerImpact: The focus of our "StellerImpact" program is on providing grants to larger one-off special projects led by proven community advocates. If your initiative is focused on an area we serve, and boosts quality-of-life for a broad group of residents, we want to know about it. Applications for "StellerImpact" are open July - Sept.
While we are open to any and all things that improve life for people of our communities, we do tend of focus our support within some key strategic areas. As such, we encourage all applicants to review our eligibility criteria, as well as our key areas of focus before applying.




Annual funding for local
projects, events, and more.

(Open April - May)

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Branch Donations

Send donations & sponsorships
right to you local branch.

(Apply Anytime)



Annual grant funding for
larger and special projects.

(Open July - Sept)

Key Areas of Focus

Community Building
Community Building
Education & Financial Literacy
Education & Financial Literacy
Family & Youth Programs
Family & Youth Programs
Healthy & Recreation
Healthy & Recreation
Arts and Culture
Arts and Culture
Regional Quality of Life
Regional Quality of Life

Keys to a successful application 

At StellerVista, we want to support your success. Here are a few things you can add to your application to help make it successful: 

  • Be clear on your objective
  • Show leadership
  • Introduce your team
  • Demonstrate how your goals align with StellerVista's
  • Allow enough time for the application to be processed
  • Be clear on what your success looks like

Ineligible applicants 

Support is generally not given to the following types of projects and organizations:

  • Government entities
  • Political parties
  • For profit organizations
  • Causes which carry a religious bias or other religious activities
  • Private businesses (could support an event supported by the private business if it is valued by membership)
  • 100% operating or administrative costs, wages, retroactive funding, deficit reduction
  • Donations that are outside trade area that do not benefit the cooperative moment
  • Requests from national organizations or organizations that do not provide a direct benefit to StellerVista communities
  • Individual pursuits or interests that are primarily for personal gain


Looking for information on our student award programs? We have various scholarships, bursaries, and other student awards available, just click the link here to see what we are currently offering.
We're excited to help make good things happen. Spread the word.