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Member Advisory Committees at StellerVista Credit Union

At StellerVista Credit Union, our commitment to incorporating the diverse voices of our members into our decision-making process is more than just a policy—it's a practice. As we grow and evolve in a fast-paced, technology-driven environment, it's crucial that our strategies align with the needs and expectations of our rural communities. Our Member Advisory Committees (MACs) are a vital tool in this process, providing a structured platform for member engagement.

The Member Advisory Committees we run will vary in their scope and duration. Some committees may be convened for long-term strategic guidance, while others might focus on specific short-term issues. These committees will meet either in person or online, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for all members. Our aim is to extend our reach to as diverse a group as possible, embracing the unique perspectives that only our members can provide.

As StellerVista continues to grow, the insights and recommendations from our Member Advisory Committees will ensure that our decisions are informed and reflective of our members' needs and values. We invite all interested members to join us in this exciting and meaningful dialogue to shape the future of their credit union.


Current Committees:

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Committee

We are excited to announce the formation of our CSR Member Advisory Committee. This group will serve as a vital source of community-focused insights, helping us understand and align our CSR efforts with both our organizational goals and our members' expectations. Their input is valued as it provides essential perspectives to our leadership, from senior management to the Board of Directors.

The CSR Member Advisory Committee provides important input to ensure that our community initiatives are strategically impactful. StellerVista is committed to leveraging our substantial regional resources thoughtfully and effectively. The committee helps to identify and prioritize CSR initiatives that are most aligned with our capabilities and the values of our members.

Committee Overview Template:

  • Committee Topic: Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Committee Purpose: To guide and prioritize CSR initiatives in line with community needs and resource availability
  • Committee Duration: May to October 2024
  • Meeting Type: Virtual Online
  • Expected Meeting Dates: May / July / September
  • Stage: Recruiting

This framework is designed for clarity and efficiency, enabling everyone involved to easily grasp the committee’s purpose and activities.

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