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Volunteering and Events

Make Things Happen!

There is no doubt that, in our small communities, volunteers pull more than their fair share of weight in making good things happen. Supporting and participating in this are key pieces of our community investment program. The more time we spend shoulder to shoulder with those on the ground, making things happen, the more we learn about what is going on in the places we live – plus you know, spending some time outside the office is never too hard of a sell.

Point being, if you have an event or effort that you need some physical, human resource, support with, you are welcome to request our time. We have formal channels in which staff can volunteer during work hours – and in certain cases, we will also share your request with the local team to see if anyone wants to volunteer outside of work.

The form below is your best bet, so take five minutes and let us know how we can help.

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Need funding for an upcoming event?

Find out more about our "StellerStarts" and "StellerImpact" funding programs .

We're excited to help make good things happen. Spread the word.