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Bank accounts with the flexibility to fit any trail (or even off-road).

Chequing... what and why?

Really, the term “Chequing” is a catch-all word for the various methods used to pay your bills, buy your treats, and generally spend your money. Debit cards, eTransfers, online bill payments or transfers, and yes, even real paper cheques – you’ll find them all here.

So yes… “Chequing”. It’s an important part of everyone’s financial picture. Think of it as planning a trip into the mountains; you get your supplies prior to leaving; then you use those supplies throughout your trip. A chequing account operates the same way, especially if you have a budget (which is a very good idea - and one we can help you with, just ask). You plan for the month’s expenses, you put in the appropriate amount of money to pay for it, with a little buffer, and you use that money to pay for everyday stuff.

So does it matter what a “cheque” is? Nope. But a “chequing account”, YES, this definitely matters! It’s how you can keep costs low while conveniently doing everything you need to do.

Where you save your money matters.

Savings accounts used to be where people put their savings. Obvious, right? Well let's look at it in a different way, the Kootenay / Boundary way. Open a StellerVista savings account and use it in tandem with a StellerVista chequing account to help you manage your money and end up with a surplus at the end of the month. With the right budget, plan and a guide to help you manage, that surplus serves as your buffer (for surprises) and as the account you use to feed your RRSP or other investments. Now let's turn some molehills into mountains.
* Basic transactions include: withdrawals, cheques, transfers
** Electronic transactions include: StellerVista ATM, OTHER Canadian C.U. ATMs, Direct payment (POS), auto debits, transfers (ATM and online banking)

Make it here. Keep it here. Grow it here.

StellerVista Credit Union exists to help everyone in the Kootenay / Boundary area make more out of the money they earn. When you keep it local we can help you grow it, and help to ensure that you get to live the life you want. While the financial decisions we make that impact you and your family are all locally made – the choice is all yours. The big banks may try to be here, but StellerVista actually lives here, just like you.

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