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Patronage Rewards

Bank Locally. Get Paid to do so.

We returned more than $350,000 to members and the community through patronage in 2023.

This is the value of banking local, and of keeping your cash close to home! The trust and loyalty of our membership allowed us to hit another year of patronage payout in 2023, and our Board approved more than $350,000, which has already been returned to members via Patronage Rewards.

This is but one perk of banking like you live here.


Over $400,000 given back


Over $637,000 given back


Over $243,000 given back


Over $316,000 given back


Over $405,000 given back

What are Patronage Rewards?

Written into the policies of our credit union, every year, we strive to return as much profit to our members as we can. The policy in place is based on our earnings, and so the better we can serve you, the more we can return each year. In last three years, we have been able to return more than a million dollars to the accounts of our members. 

Patronage rewards have been paid, and were automatically deposited to all eligible members, as of November 1st, 2023.

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Member Notice: Membership Shares Cleanup Initiative

As part of our ongoing efforts to streamline our services and ensure all share accounts align with our internal policies, StellerVista is conducting a comprehensive cleanup of our membership shares. This initiative will help ensure all accounts are eligible for dividends. Please review the following key changes and actions that may affect your shareholdings:

  1. Conversion of C Shares: To ensure compliance with our policy that all C share accounts maintain a minimum balance of $1000, members holding C shares valued at less than $1000 will see these shares automatically converted to A shares. This measure is designed to simplify our shares structure and maintain account standards.
  2. Adjustments to A Shares: Members with A shares exceeding a $1000 balance will have the excess amount distributed back to you as outlined below. This approach ensures that surplus funds continue to serve your financial growth directly.
  3. Rounding to Whole Dollars: Both C and A shares will be adjusted to reflect whole dollar amounts, as members cannot hold partial shares. Any fractional dollar amounts will be moved from your shares account to you through the process outlined below.
Reallocating Your Share Funds (only when necessary)
If any funds are required to moved out of your shares account, for the reasons described above, we will move these funds into your StellerVista account through the process described below:

  • The funds will first be attempted to be deposited into any existing savings account.
  • If no savings account is available, they will be deposited to a chequing account.
  • Failing that, funds will be allocated to a term deposit, applied to a mortgage, or used to reduce loan balances.
  • If no banking relationship exists beyond your shares account, a refund can be collected upon your request at your local branch.
  • Please note, we will not move any funds into a registered account through this process

This shares cleanup is a significant project that will span the coming months. Members can monitor their shares balances through online banking and on their regular statements. We understand that these changes may prompt questions or require further clarification. Please do not hesitate to reach out to your local branch or contact us via email at for assistance.

*Note that A shares currently receive a higher dividend percentage than C shares, making this shift potentially beneficial for those affected.

Member Dividends

In addition to Patronage rewards, we also pay quarterly dividends on our C and A shares to members. The percenage paid on these shares can vary, dependent on Board approval - however they generally recieve 3% and 3.5% respectively. 

Recent Dividend Payouts for the Year: 
2023: $59,646.31(A) - $31,111.00 (C)
2022: $24,615.00(A) - $15,687.00 (C)
2021: $24,016.29(A) - $26,742.91 (C)
2020: $30,709.76(A) - $35,712.20 (C)
2019: $36,125.83(A) - $44,019.35 (C)

  • ​Patronage Rewards calculated on any non registered deposit accounts will be deposited in your A shares.
  • Patronage Rewards calculated on registered accounts (RRSP/RRIF/LIF/TFSA) will be deposited to your registered savings accounts.
  • Patronage Rewards calculated on month-end service charges will be on your November statement.
  • Further information on eligibility and the calculation is available upon request. 1.250.426.6666.